Hello. I'm Jonathan.

I'm a developer, musician, and hobbyist.

I like to build things, create experiences, ask questions, and break the rules.

What I Do My Hobbies What Drives Me

What I'm Doing

E-Commerce Development

Building apps for e-commerce is my day job. I manage servers, write APIs, and build user-facing interfaces.

IT/Network Consulting

I consult for others on matters relating to networks, security, and general IT.

A/V Production

I love using technology to craft authentic artistic expressions.

Musical Experiences

Right now, I'm focused on building interest in a community music venue.

Vibe Unit on YouTube

My Hobbies

Embedded Development & Electronics

I enjoy building things. Sometimes they run code, sometimes they don't, but either way, electrons are involved.

Gameplay & Development

I've always loved playing games, but recently have started learning Unity.

What Drives Me


I believe truth can be known, and it's pursuit is what drives my progress. Truth is a mirror for personal introspection and development, and can be found everywhere.


I believe that all people are entitled to their own personal pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, without restriction, and free from judgement.